Friday, January 25, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

These are a few (or more than a few) of my favorite things.  Things that make me smile : )

My family

My friends.  These ones and all the other AMAZING friends I have.

Travelling!  I have travelled around the world with my family, and I hope that there will be much more travelling to come in the future.  Seeing the world is awesome!

This place.

Journals! This is a great one where you can just write a line or two a day every day for 5 years!
I have my amazing roommates last year to thank for this!

Change!  The book "The Christmas Jar" has inspired me to collect all the change I receive during the year in a jar.  At the end I will find a way to use it to help others!  Every time I buy something I get excited about putting my change in my jar!

Love notes!  Being a teacher I am fortunate enough to get quite a few of these.  They ALWAYS make my day!

Postcards!  I have collected postcards for years and years.  They just make me happy!  Especially when someone writes one o me.  I love letters too.  Who doesn't right?

  Pajamas! I love, love, love pajamas!  I am always tempted to buy more even though I have plenty : )

My Monster Sack!  This thing is the BEST, so comfortable!  This is also a picture of  a blanket! I LOVE blankets! You can never have too many to cuddle up with.

While cuddled up in those blankets there is nothing better than reading a good book!  I LOVE reading and when I get going on a good book, it is hard to pull me away.  My all time favorite is Pride and Prejudice.

My cute red car! I can't help but be happy when I see it and drive it : )

Pinteresting...yep that's a verb.  I find so many ideas for teaching, crafting, cooking and baking on Pinterest, that I love!

I am seriously hooked on this game right now.  Love it!

I have so many more favorites.  Among them are the scriptures, General Conference, freshly fallen snow, hot chocolate on a cold day, riding bikes, enjoying the outdoors, tubing, cute clothes, jewelry, movies, yummy homemade food, going out to breakfast, sleeping in, playing with kids, serving, laughing and making people laugh.....Basically, life is good.  And all of these things help to make my life a little bit sweeter each day : )

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