Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Last week my students had a homework assignment to write a story about the best Valentine's Day.  There were a few that I really liked.  I saved them so that I could share them with you.

The first one is simply precious:

"I love my Valentine.  She is awesome.  I love her.  I like her. My Valentine is Mom."

Valentines from a girl's perspective: (In Elementary School)

"All the boys in my class gave me Valentines!  And some were poems, or chocolates.  On Valentine's Day we all gave each other treats.  At home I ate lots of treats.  But not the ones I can't eat.  They were good.  We ate dinner.  I went to bed."

"The best Valentine's Day I ever had was when last year someone gave me a chocolate pack.  It was weird.  He gave it to Ryland too.  But they were so good.  that was the best Valentine's Day I ever had."

My personal favorite:

"The best Valentine's Day ever would be if I could have a bath in cheesecake pudding and drink it up with a straw!  Watch four movies.  Get 60 boxes of low fat chocolate caramels.  And last of all get lots of Valentines!"

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope that these made you smile as much as they made me smile.  Kids are priceless.  They make me smile and laugh every day and are truly a blessing!

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