Monday, January 7, 2013

The All Powerful Miss Paul

Today there was a student who was giving me a hard time.  He wasn't listening and was almost never doing what he was supposed to be doing when he was supposed to be doing it.  As a result of this he lost his privilege to go to Art.  He stayed in the classroom with me and helped clean up.  We also talked about his behavior and about what he would do to do better.  When he heard second grade students in the hall returning to class he told me "I'm going to go sit at my desk in listening position facing the board."  This is what I expect the students to do when they come in.  He was sitting perfectly.  When other students tried to talk to him he didn't respond.  All the students were getting settled in their seats and I overheard a student in the back of the room say "What did Miss Paul do to him?".  I had to laugh.  Teachers have super powers.  That's a fact. 

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